There are things to consider when seeking out a spray foam insulation service.  We’re not talking about the common question everyone asks, such as how much do you charge, but more precise questions concerning the vendor themselves.  The following article nails it when it comes to good questions to ask a spray foam insulation company.  Check out the following snippet taken from Digital Journal:

At this time of the season, it is quite common that homeowners and realtors start looking at options to reduce their air conditioning bills. One tremendous way of achieving it which has been proven over time is to install the spray polyurethane foam (SPF).

The advantages this type of insulation is numerous and cannot be overestimated. The advantages include but not limited to reduced air infiltration which not only lowers energy costs but also improves indoor comfort. Reduction in energy costs is a big tradeoff here as the costs could go through the roof sometimes.

However, for a drastic reduction in energy, the house-owners must work closely with the spray foam insulation specialists to fully understand the product and its implications.

The choice of the specialist is also very important here. To get the right specialists, below are some important questions to be asked; 

Duration in business?

To put it in another perspective, how long has the prospective contractor or specialist being business? Time is of essence if you must choose the right contractor as he would have worked on different projects.

The specialist or the company that you choose must always be of six to seven years old and preferably over ten years old in Spray Foam Insulation business. The reason being that spray foam insulation start showing problems when they get four or five years old. Any manufacturer could offer warranties for the material cost. Many Spray Foam Insulation companies make the mistake of using foam based on price.

Here’s a big congratulations to San Francisco Based Wedge Roofing for winning the 2018 SPFA Industry Excellence Awards as noted on SprayFoam.Com:

Demonstrating their expertise in multiple spray foam applications, San Francisco Bay Area Contractor Wedge Roofing triumphed at the 2018 Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) National Industry Excellence Awards by winning not one, but two of the prestigious trophies. The SPFA-Certified Foam Contractor won the first-place award for SPF Roof under 40,0000 square feet for a Marin County landmark atomic-era home. In the category of Commercial Wall Foam Insulation, Wedge’s SPF insulation at a Napa Winery received the runner-up award.

This is Wedge Roofing’s fifth SPFA National Industry Excellence Award, and fourth consecutive year to win the first-place Spray Foam Roofing Award.

A leader in the spray foam industry, Wedge Roofing was the first in California to qualify as a Certified Spray Foam Roofing and Insulation Contractor and is now the only Californian company to have won five Spray Foam Industry Awards.

Wedge’s previous first place SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards Spray Foam honored a high- tech spray foam roof on a Marin County Eichler home in 2015, a technically challenging foam roof on a Sonoma County manufacturing facility in 2016, and a solar spray foam roof on a Vacaville church in 2017.

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Bottom line is, when it comes to spray foam insulation services, you should never rely on price alone.  In this business, you get what you pay for.  Instead, focus on quality, experience of the vendor and the kind of customer service they can provide you.

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